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Reportlab Finance helps new and experienced investors with financial data, news and detailed reviews about stocks, cryptocurrencies and brokers.

✓ In-depth research, news and reviews about stock & crypto markets

✓ Must have real time data for (novice) stock and crypto investors

Compare brokers & exchanges and find the best platforms

✓ Dive into the financial markets and learn everyday

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What is Reportlab about?

Reportlab is a website where you can research stocks, cryptocurrencies, get investment tips and find the latest news about financial markets.

  • Our comparison tools, research articles and reviews are easy to read, use and totally independent. This makes sure that you know everything from A to Z about your potential investment.
  • Our financial review and comparison site is aimed at the entire European market. This means that we compare products and services online on the most important features. In addition, with us you quickly know where and how to buy stocks or cryptocurrencies.

Our mission

We believe that no one should have to pay too much unnecessarily for their financial products. Therefore, we make it easy for you to find realiable, trusted brokers that can help you with specific investments like stocks and cryptocurrency.

Helping you with investing

If you have difficulty making a investment choice, our comparison option will help you on your way. Another option is reading one of our in depth reviews or guides to gain more information about certain investments or brokerages.

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How do we work

We compare providers of a product side by side in a table. So you can see at a glance which one suits your needs best. In addition, we share our own experiences as well as those of existing customers in a complete individual review.

  • Reportlab allows you to compare and research financial products and services from third parties. If desired, you can purchase these on the website of the provider in question.
  • In some cases Reportlab receives a fee for this. We does not offer any financial products or services itself and only helps you make better choices while investing in cryptocurrency, stocks or other financial products.

Need to contact us

If you have a question or comment about our site, we’d love to hear from you via our contact form. Read our frequently asked questions to quickly find answers to your question. Want to collaborate with us? Then contact us through the contact form or email us at

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Reportlab authors

Rebecca Nunes
Rebecca Nunes

Rebecca has a passion for cryptocurrencies and is happy to tell you more about them

Freddy Agard
Freddy Agard

Freddy writes a lot about the stock & equity market and its various options

Josh Harrison
Josh Harrison

Josh has been running in the world of cryptocurrencies since the early days.

Stephen Johnson
Stephen Johnson

Stephen knows a lot about financial products, he writes on several topics

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